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AM.I stands for unapologetically losing yourself in that moment where music explodes into an array of colour and feel. Whilst writing and composing her own typical melodic sound, AM.I enters a world that is entirely her own. And by slowly conquering the Belgian nightlife and beyond, she allows everybody who’s looking for a magical night to enter said world.

Starting in 2016, she started producing original tracks with a sharp and dark edge that reintroduces melodic techno music in a whole new, fresh and unexpected manner.

Follow AM.I through this vibing, humming and enticing rabbit hole and discover how her unique voice subtly references to her biggest influences from the soundtrack music of Hans Zimmer to Linkin Park.

Prepare for an immersive experience that will introduce you to darkness as well as light, closely interwoven with each other - testing limits and boundaries in a vivacious ocean of rhythm.






Tim Branch started listening to all kinds of genres within the musical spectrum at a young age. When he decided to make his own music, Tim Branch had many influences for his music. From uplifting happy vibes, to dark underground sounds. Producing a wide range of musical pieces and dedicated to put emotional content to each song he makes, his productions are always built around classical instruments, analogue synthesis topped with sweeping pads and a straight rhythm, with deep basslines to support the all-round feel. This is progressive house with a soul that takes you to places far away en let’s you enjoy the pureness of music...


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